Xilla Haus of Lazic X Rik Darel puppies are due to be born in October 2019. This is one of our top litters to date. Rik Darel is a MANY time Champion in Europe and one of the most saught after Studs in the Rottweiler breeding community. Rik is proven to be one of the TOP producers in the world and comes from an incredible pedigree loaded with famous European Champions.  Xilla is from an astonishing pedigree that includes some absolutely incredible dogs (Pirat Haus of Lazic, Hero Von Der Tonberger, Lennox Haus of Lazic, Priska Haus of Lazic, Dack Flash Rouse, Burning Des Princes D’Aragone)


Rik Darel

HD-A ED-0 JLPP-N/N // IPO1 // Multi Champion // Mutli sieger winner // Multiple All breed Best in Show winner //


Xilla Haus of Lazic

(Pirat Haus of Lazic X Hera Haus of Lazic)

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