Introducing our newest addition


Rik Darel will be available for breeding with select females. If you are interested in a breeding with Rik Darel please email us details about your female including pictures, pedigree, health test results and titles. Chilled and Frozen semen will also be available.

Rik 2 Rik Darel Rik 4 Rik Darel Pedigree

Ikarus Haus of Lazic

Ikarus Haus of Lazic Ikarus Haus of Lazic

(Sting Haus of Lazic x Ad-Dirah Zita)

Von Dickey’s Ikarus Haus of Lazic is descended from Sting Haus of Lazic who was considered one of the greatest Rottweilers in the world!! He is known for his superior movement and type. He is also known as one of the best producers in the world. Not heavily bred, so his genetics are very limited in the United States.

Jax Von Kings Rotts

Jax Von Kings Rotts (5 months old) Jax Von Kings Rotts (5 months old)

(Jenni Haus of Lazic X Fight Haus of Lazic)

Jax will be one of our studs starting in Summer 2020 after he turns 2 years old and passes all his health clearances. Jax’s sire Fight Haus of Lazic is an up and coming Champion Rottweiler in Europe and his mother is our very own Jenni Haus of Lazic.

Fight Haus of Lazic

Fight Haus of Lazic Fight Haus of Lazic

(Rex Timit – Tor X Kabeza Ri Mobby Dick)


Young and Adult Champion

Owned by Brank Lazic of Haus of Lazic in Europe